Olena Riabinina

Assistant Professor in Biosciences 

email: olena.riabinina@durham.ac.uk

Lena has studied Applied Physics in Ukraine, followed by a PhD in Behavioural Neuroscience at Sussex Uni in the UK, supervised by Thomas CollettNatalie Hempel de Ibarra and Andrew Philippides. After several postdocs in the UK and the US, most importantly the one at Chris Potter’s lab at Hopkins, Lena received a Marie Curie fellowship, hosted at Richard Baines’ lab at Manchester Uni. Lena worked on ants, bumblebees, flies and mosquitoes, studying their visual navigation, mechanosensation and olfaction by employing a variety of research methods. At Durham University, our lab currently focusses on sensory neuroscience, genetics and ecology of bumblebees, mosquitoes and flies.