Durga Bethala

Academic visitor, Newton-Bhabha fellow

email: durga.a.bethala@durham.ac.uk

Durga graduated from the University of Mumbai with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. She then went on to NIPER, Guwahati, to pursue her M.S.(Pharm) Biotechnology degree. During this time, she worked in the synthetic biology field, developing a tool to synthesise novel genes using the overlap PCR method. Durga received a gold medal for her M.S. Pharm degree. She subsequently went on to work as a Project Fellow at the CSIR-IHBT in Himachal, where she evaluated gluten-free foods for the management of celiac disease on rat model. She is currently working as an DST-INSPIRE PhD Fellow in Clinical Pathology Department under Dr. Shashikant Vaidya in Haffkine Institute, Mumbai. For her doctoral research she is studying the neuropathogenesis of Dengue virus in comparison with other classic neurotropic viruses such as JEV and Rabies viruses. She has recently been selected for the Newton-Bhabha PhD fellowship to pursue short-term internship in our group. Durga will develop a Drosophila model of blood brain barrier integrity.