Suzan Mansourian

Postdoctoral Fellow  


Suzan obtained her Master on Agricultural Entomology in Tehran, Iran. In 2011, She moved to Sweden and joined the unit of Chemical Ecology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp. As a research assistant, she studied the evolution of the olfactory system of drosophilids – especially D. suzukii – under the supervision of Associate Professor Teun Dekker. After gaining new skills in the field, in 2014, she started her PhD in Lund University, Sweden under supervision of Dr. Marcus Stensmyr. She studied Drosophila sensory neuroethology, focusing on olfactory circuits mediating repellency and hygrosensation. Upon her PhD graduation, she has received 3 years fellowship from the Swedish Research Council (VR) to do her Postdoc jointly at Durham University and Lund University