Matthew Wheelwright

Research Assistant 


Matthew studied for his undergraduate and MSci at Bristol University.  For his Bachelor’s project he studied the polarization properties of beetle elytra. He also worked as an undergraduate research assistant, investigating how hermit crabs use visual cues for shell choice. Matthew studied electroreception in locusts for his Master’s project. He then moved on to Newcastle University in 2016, where he did a PhD under the supervision of Dr. John SkelhornProfessor Candy Rowe and Professor Julie Harris. Matthew investigated the factors affecting the evolution of mimicry using hyperspectral image analysis and behavioural experiments. His main interests revolve around sensory ecology and how the sensory ecology of a receiver influences the evolution of a signal and he loves insects! As such, he is very excited to be working as a research assistant in the lab where he will be looking at the olfaction of mosquito larvae using live imaging of receptor neurons and behavioural experiments with the larvae.